Stream of Weekend Consciousness


Early Saturday morning, 15 tons of gravel knocked on our door. The truck was so loud it shook our little house, waking up the kids who ran outside in their pajamas. We got a quote about paving our long, long driveway but the cost would total 20% of our current mortgage we paid a couple hundred bucks for loose gravel as a temporary fix.

Our local library hosts an annual bookmark design contest. Our kids entered. I just got a phone call that two of their drawings will be displayed during an evening reception this week. Fun, right? I’m going to make them get dressed up to attend.

Mary Had A Little Lamb, Hot Cross Buns and one tune I still can’t place is on repeat inside our home. 3rd and 4th grade music class introduces the recorder and my kids practice A LOT at the same time but different songs. You know when they blow so hard, spit flies out the end? That must mean musical mastery.


I opened the mail offer shown above. What.A.Deal. Hope it doesn’t expire before I get the chance to take them up on it.

It’s spring break in the South! We hiked yesterday, got some sun and made a list of places around the city we want to visit. Just staying local…any suggestions?

Head Gamessssss

‘A’ is the best. Seriously, he is. He is intelligent, muscle-y rugged handsome, dreamy, sensitive and kind, funny and adventurous. Even though he really is all that and a bag of chips — he can drive me insane. Like, snap your fingers, knuckle cracking crazAY. I’d be just as crazy if I let this issue continue driving me insane, right?

A: (thrashing through kitchen drawers)
“Where’s my Garmin? My GARMIN?”

Me: “What are you doing? Those are my junk drawers!”

A: “Clearly.”

Me: “There’s an actual order to those — school supplies, party stuff, thank you-wedding-birthday-cards and that one is the real junk drawer for batteries and…junk.”

A: “I just want my Garmin. I always leave it here to charge.”

*side note – he hasn’t used it in over two years. The last time I saw it there he tossed it down because the battery was low and he couldn’t access his run data*

Me: “Is this the same Garmin you yanked off after a run and declared it to be a $200 piece of shit?”

*Another side note – Kids and I gave him that $200 piece of shit for a fathers day gift one year*

A: no answer. just dumps out more drawers

I started this happy save thing…because he does this mad trash thing…He purges. Throws out stuff from his closet or drawers when he’s mad at it or if it malfunctions but is so mad in the moment he doesn’t remember getting rid of stuff.

Solution — Now I retrieve the stuff and put it in our room in a drawer and whenever he goes nutso about a certain shirt, belt, tool or whatever I am 100% certain it’s in that drawer.

A: rummaging for a half an hour

Me: (from the save bag) “Hey! Wow! Here it is AND the charger!”

A: “I knew I didn’t throw it out.”

Me: “Yep. Yup”

I’m not playing games. This is just a weird remedy I’ve come up with. If I didn’t care I’d let him search and search and mess up our nicely organized home knowing it really was gone but I do care. Now he can rant and rage and later find and ‘reuse the worthless stuff’ he tried to toss in the first place.

Stream of Obvious Consciousness

Are you good at placing voices? Can you guess the actor/actress narrating the commercial before they show up at the end?

Right now American Express is offering a free online HYSA (0.80%) account. No minimum deposit with no required balance. Only takes ten minutes to fill out online app.

Kid report cards arrived. They worked hard. And now we’re in the last nine weeks of school. Just like that…

This might come across as superstitious but whenever ‘A’ has an improvement on his car or an upgrade, someone hits him or the car gets totaled. I took all the receipts to add to our auto insurance policy. SO tired of losing cash through car accidents. It adds up…a sway bar here, Euro shocks, high performance tires, upgraded suspension…ridiculousness in my opinion but important to him.

Everyone was in a meeting when I got to work. The lobby was peaceful and quiet for an entire hour. That was like a beautifully wrapped gift. Quiet. Peace. Time to breathe.

Wasted a gift card and spent money altering what I thought was going to be killer leopard print retro pants from JCrew — The café pant — DON’T. The print is very busy and they have awful creases and cuffs. Had the cuff taken out which flattened the front crease but it was a lot of work for the look I wanted. Just be warned — petite women the café pant doesn’t look anything like they portray. The cut will swallow you up. The Minnie fits better.

No one is sick in our house, bills are paid and we’re having good weather which keeps things rolling forward. Whatchu got?

An accurate BAC Chart

An accurate BAC Chart

Do you drink? Why or why not?

I am speaking of legal and responsible enjoyment of alcohol. I don’t judge others if they do not drink. I drink. And I enjoy drinking. Naturally, this excludes those who have struggled with an addiction to alcohol or have been hurt by those who have. Please, don’t misinterpret this. For the purpose of this blog I’m talking about responsible drinking. I wondered this while observing others this weekend for a work celebration.

There were men claiming ten beers won’t even buzz ‘em. Yeah…I don’t care if you’re 6’4 with 225 lbs of pure muscle….ten, twelve ounce beers is one hundred and twenty ounces of drunk. And there were women with that slurry purr after a second martini…That’s three or four ounces of straight up vodka in an hour on a 1xx lb female. That’s possible impairment. If you have any doubt at all of operating a vehicle — don’t. 

The myths of chewing gum, splashing cold water on faces, drinking coffee or eating bread is all junk. That points to a fix or a cover up which implies you know you’ve had too much to drink. Ask someone else, a trusted someone to drive. Call a cab. Hell, you just spent $80 on a bar tab but you think twice before paying for a taxi ride home?…adopt a safe routine and always have one before going out.

Here’s our plan:

- babysitter comes to our house so we don’t have to pick our children up after a party or work event or any event that has an open bar

- Hubs drives us to event (so I can finish make up in car)

- I drive us home because I drink less and tolerate less and he can cut loose knowing I’ll stick to our agreed designated driver plan

- Plan B call one of my available siblings or a taxi if for any reason I become intoxicated…sometimes 2 beers or a generous pour of wine can sink you when tired or hungry or have a low tolerance

*Did you know ANY bar or restaurant will call a taxi for you?*

What’s your tell? How do you know when you have had too much and should not drive home? And what’s your get home plan?

Stream of Engineering Consciousness

You know how you don’t care about something until it happens to you? I haven’t thought twice about run flat tires or the engineering and design work over decades that has rolled them onto streets today. UNTIL…something punctured…No, it obliterated my left rear tire…with my precious children in the backseat while traveling at 55+ mph. We all heard a loud ‘PPFFWTHUNK’ The sensors starting going off and it was scary but I never lost control of the car. We didn’t hit anyone else and we were able to keep driving and maneuver to a safe pull-over-place.

Now I care about run flats. I want to know how they work and about different model designs. How can an interior wall structure support the weight of a car when the outer layer of rubber/gases are gone? What is the material? Does it work better cold or hot? On paved highway or gravel roads? Would it perform the same on wet asphalt? What’s the difference in air pressure between a run flat and a normal street tire?

Most BMW’s are equipped with run flats and there is no spare in X series. After our experience I understand why. You don’t need one. The run flat can and will carry you another 50-100 miles. I can attest to that. I’ve also driven an older model car (’99 Honda Odyssey) with standard issue tires when a tire blew out because of road debris. The car wobbled to the right and sparks were flying out from where the tire rim was grinding the road. We were completely immobilized and ruined the rim. I’m glad I had that experience to compare to this one.

Michelin developed the ‘Tweel’ an airless tire supported by spokes which doesn’t use a bladder full of compressed air so it doesn’t leak pressure or become flat. It connects to polyurethane spokes which support an outer rim and these components assume shock-absorbing roles provided by the compressed air in a traditional tire. It’s been implemented on the Segway and Mar’s Rover.

There are many fascinating tire innovations since the idea first blossomed long ago…have you had an experience like this? What did you find out?

Happiness of a Good Hair Day



As soon as my hair grows out, I get this irresistible urge to cut it. Do you feel this way? Can this be explained?

Tell me why spring brings on this wave of purge and cleanse. Please break down the reasoning of ridding heavy, itchy, weight of winter hair only to regret it after the first home wash and it looks NOTHING like magazine photos.

Do you do this? Why?

Is long hair easier to maintain or do you keep yours short and stylish?

An Open Letter to the Duke Porn Star

st sahm:

Because…she’s right…(the blog author NOT the Duke Student)

Originally posted on Earth According to Emily:


Dear Belle Knox,

It occurred to me this week when I was catching up on some light Belle Knox Bandwagon reading that you and I share a few things in common:

You’re a college student from Washington who moved to North Carolina to attend Duke University.

I was born in North Carolina and I chose to attend Michigan State University along with its very expensive out-of-state price tag. I guess we both liked the idea of moving far from home to go to not-so-cheap colleges. Who knew?

You’re interested in politics and women’s issues. Me too! I interned with the Republican Party my freshman year of college and I once went to an Ani DiFranco concert. Never thought you’d see the words “Republican Party” and “Ani DiFranco concert” in the same sentence, did you?

But my favorite discovery is that we’re both daughters of veterans.

That’s the extent of our similarities…

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The Bomb

st sahm:

Because…she’s funny.

Originally posted on Cowboys and Crossbones:

I’ve never met a photo I couldn’t bomb.

Being that this is one of my sparkling qualities and photo bombing is a dying art, I take great care in honing this skill down to perfection.

Want a nice selfie for a LinkedIn profile photo?


Not happening.

Or perhaps a profile pic for Facebook?



Or maybe a cute selfie for Twitter?


Wide mouth human stealing your thunder.

How about capturing a moment with a friend you see never?


I’m there to ruin it.

Want to commemorate a celebration, hoping to get a pic good enough to frame?


Three’s a crowd.

Or maybe you wanted to document the time a friend had swine flu and got to wear a face mask to a wedding.


Too bad. I needed to jump in and deliver a single Dorito.

It’s impossible to snap a pic of you enjoying a sunny Nashville day with…

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Stream of Long Weekend Consciousness


The kids have had the last two Fridays off class which makes the weekend extra long special. I decided to let them fill their free time without offering anything. I rejected all of the, “I’m bored!” and “There’s nothing to do!” with a shrug or a hmmmm and I walked away. Eventually they…dug out a box of crystals and grew them.

And made Pegasus wings for regular, boring ole horses…

After ten (dozen) or so shrug offs from me the whining tempered off…hovering slowed…

(Took two photos and then just let them be)

It was good for us. No packing up for a family adventure. No cash doled out for kid entertainment. No hosting friends or getting to birthday parties on time. No running around. We wore pajamas all day. No one made real meals just hodgepodge snacking.

Now it’s sunny Sunday, the Lord’s day. We’re all outside. I have a copy of George Saunders short stories and they’re pretending to be the tiger ‘Richard Parker’ and ‘Pi’. They have bamboo sticks with meat impaled on the end that they made from construction paper.

Do you realize that Spring break is around the corner and then in another quick breath Summer break?

Yeah…you ready?

Weather Forecast by Doge

Weather Forecast by Doge

My sister told us about Doge. Doge doesn’t spell or speak English very well. It doesn’t matter because Doge is so cute and wears sunglasses and raingear. He has big, happy eyes and does his very best. Doge makes my kids laugh. They get it.

Check it out. Much fun.



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